Virtual Tour Prices

We think you will be amazed at how affordable it is to get your business on Google Street View with Chris Morris Photography. You can have your business’ virtual tour listed on Google Street View for as little as $60 plus tax. Custom Virtual Tours start at $100 plus tax.

To see our expanded price list, you can review the table below.

FeatureGoogle Street View TourCustom Virtual Tour
1st Photo Sphere (same location and visit)$60$100
2nd Photo Sphere (same location and visit)$40$70
Each additional Photo Sphere (same location and visit)$30$50
High Dynamic Range Bracketingincludedincluded
Premium High Dynamic Range Processing (per Photo Sphere)$20
Image Noise Reduction (per Photo Sphere)$5included
Minor Image Edits (per Photo Sphere)includedincluded
Major Image Edits$30 per hr$30 per hr
Zenith and Nadir Coverage (per Photo Sphere)$10included
High Resolution Images$50 (per Photo Sphere)
Publishing to Google Street Viewincludedincluded
Custom Logoincluded
Custom Colorsincluded
Sound Effects / Ambient Sounds$10 (per Photo Sphere)
Photo Galleries (includes 5 photographs per gallery captured during site visit)$20 (per gallery)
Floor Plans / Maps$10 - client provided
$40 - not provided
Off-Line Viewing$10
Tour Hosting (via link to$30 per year
MileageNo charge in Oklahoma City Metro area. $0.55 per mile otherwise.No charge in Oklahoma City Metro area. $0.55 per mile otherwise.

Sales tax may apply. Additional charges may apply.

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