Tour Comparisons

The following table highlights some of the differences between a Street View tour and a Custom tour. This list is not all-inclusive. Additional features and options are available. For descriptions of the options, see the information below the table.

Feature (* - Included; o - Optional)Google Street View TourCustom Virtual Tour
High Quality Photo Spheres at standard resolution**
High Dynamic Range Bracketing**
Premium High Dynamic Range Processingo
Image Noise Reductiono*
Minor Image Edits**
Major Image Editsoo
Zenith and Nadir Coverage o*
High Resolution Imageso
Publishing to Google Street View**
Custom Logos*
Custom Colors*
Sound Effectso
Photo Gallerieso
Floor Plans / Mapso
Off-Line Viewingo
VR Headset Compatible**
Tour Hostingo
High Quality Photo Spheres at standard resolutionImages are captured and edited to ensure high quality results.Sample hotel room at standard Street View resolution.
High Dynamic Range BracketingA series of images are taken at different exposures and then blended into a single image. This improves the balance of light and dark areas in the same photo sphere.Golf course using bracket exposure.
Premium High Dynamic Range ProcessingImages are additionally processed to ensure there is no ghosting and creates a more vibrant photo sphere with sharper image quality.Golf course processed using enhanced High Dynamic Range processing.
Image Noise ReductionAdditional processing designed to reduce noise in the image which is helpful when photo sphere will allow zooming in to the maximum resolution.Same golf scene as above except using image noise reduction processing as well.
Minor Image EditsSmall blemishes which can be easily corrected such as stains on carpet will normally be edited out.N/A
Major Image EditsLarger concerns in the space may be corrected such as signage, mirrors, etc which detract from the tour.N/A
Zenith and Nadir Coverage This means the photo sphere will include a clean floor and ceiling directly below and above the camera.Hotel room photo sphere which allows viewer to look directly down or up with no evidence of the camera equipment.
High Resolution ImagesRequires up to three times the number of images to be captured and processed but results in a photo sphere which will allow extreme zoom resolution when it is important to show every detail of the space.(coming soon)
Publishing to Google Street ViewPhoto spheres will be published to Street View and connected into a tour.Typical Street View Tour.
Custom LogosCan display your company logo directly in the tour as well as create a link to your company web site.Tour with custom logo and colors.
Custom ColorsCan edit the colors of all the tour elements to match your company's colors.Tour with custom logo and colors.
Sound EffectsCan include ambient sound effects, recorded on scene, to improve the realism of the tour when sound is relevant to the tour.Tour with custom sounds for each photo sphere.
Photo GalleriesPhoto galleries can be incorporated directly into the tour which allows viewers to better see important aspects of the space.Tour with photo galleries placed throughout the tour.
Floor Plans / MapsIncludes a floor plan or maps which can be used to move about the tour space.Use the Floor Plan button at the bottom of the screen to see the floor plan.
Auto-TourTour can automatically display by panning around the space and move from space to space with no input from the viewer. This is perfect for displaying your tour where viewers might not be directly controlling the tour.Tour with auto-tour which can be turned on or off by control at bottom of screen.
Off-Line ViewingThis option allows the tour to be displayed without being on the internet. Perfect for times when you will not have internet access. (Windows only)N/A
VR Headset CompatibleWhen viewed using VR compatible headsets/phones, can create an immersible experience. Example VR Headset, Google Daydream
Tour HostingWe can host the tour on our servers and assist you in making the link from your own web site to our hosted content. You can also host the tour on your own server if you wish.N/A

For more information about image quality options, see this detailed description.

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