My Custom Virtual Tour is Complete. Now What?

Now that your custom tour is complete, to maximize the promotional value, we encourage you to proudly display the tour from your web site. If you are using a professional web development team for your site, they will be able to advise you on how to get your tour linked on your web site.

However, many business owners find themselves creating their own web sites. This page will give you a couple of ideas as to how you can actually display your custom virtual tour.

Step 1 -Location

Determine what web page you think the tour would be most appropriate. In some cases you might create a new page to really highlight the tour.

Step 2 – Decide How to Start the Tour

Most tours can be started by simply typing in the address in the URL Address Bar of your web browser. Your tour’s address will have been provided to you.

(The address will be different if you decide to actually host the tour on your web server versus allowing us to host it for you. Let’s just assume we will host the tour for you.)

This works, but isn’t very easy for your customers to use.

Another choice might be to create a simple Link on your web page. This is fast and easy to add using most web editors. For example, here is a simple link which can be clicked to open a tour:

See Our Virtual Tour by clicking Here!

Another option is to actually embed the tour in your web page. This is one of the nicest ways as it allows your visitors to explore the tour without even leaving your web page! Here is a live example.

This can be a little tricky depending on what system you are using to build your web site. In our example, we use WordPress as a web site editor and used a plugin called PanoPress which makes it a 5 second job to embed our virtual tours.

Whichever style you like, and there are others, this final step is important to allow your customers to enjoy your new Custom Virtual Tour. If you get stuck on this step, let us know and we will try to point you the right direction.

What about Google?

Here’s the cool thing about your Google Virtual Tour, there is nothing you need to do! When people search for your business on Google, they will see all of the images that make up your virtual tour in the “Photo” section of your business listing. Click the image below for a sample of how this works.

Clicking on any of the tour photos will start the virtual tour for them to explore.

Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media Sites

Facebook is a great way to promote your Custom Virtual Tour. You can easily create a post which includes the web link (also called the URL) to your custom virtual tour. People can click the link from your post and go directly to your tour.

Facebook will also allow you to upload special virtual tour images as a post. While the tour will not work within Facebook, you can display photo spheres from the tour which can encourage your visitors to then go see the full virtual tour. If this sounds like something you want to try, let us know and we will provide you the special images needed free of charge (images are only available for 12 months after we build your tour.)

If you want to promote your virtual tour on other sites such as Twitter, we suggest you share the web link for your custom virtual tour as a tweet, for example.

If you get stuck, please let us know. We are happy to assist!