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The Numbers from our Recent Virtual Tour

We just recently published the First National Building virtual tour in Oklahoma City. We thought you might find some of the numbers involved in building this sort of tour interesting.

698 – Original number of photos taken at the building in just over an hour

17 – GBs of space needed to store all those photos in the camera

211 – How many photos we were left with after we blended the original 698 photos into HDR images

183 – Size in MB of each of those HDR images (That’s 38.6 GB total for all 211 HDR images)

28 – Finished number of photo sphere after stitching all those photos together

462 – Size in MB of each photo sphere (That’s  13 GB total for all 28)

1,137 – Total number of images files handled while building these photo spheres

91,578 – Total number of files uploaded to our server to host the Virtual Tour!

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